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What happens next could be a disaster! People should learn that mistakes are born out of being irresponsible. And the only way to straighten it is by being committed and by acting on it. In short, don’t blame things on other things or people, blame it on yourself!

2011 Coffee breaks or makes

Another year has passed.. good-bye 2010! Hello 2011 ;)

I rarely thought of having new year’s resolution; since, i know; the only certain thing that is easy to do, is to break it.

Then “me” and the “voices in my head (VIMH)” debated one more time. Here are the arguments:

ME: Haiizzz… should i have new year’s resolution?

VIMH: well, yeah.. you should. At least you can have a goal for this new year

ME: but; the last NYR I made was a flop! I didn’t even bother to start it.. to start with..

VIMH: what was it in the first place?

ME: My 2010 NYR was to QUIT SMOKING. On the 1st day of 2010, i blamed it on fireworks by making me sooo jittery that i had to smoke. see.. told yah.. i never started it in the first place LOL

VIMH: You are such a losing JERK!

ME: Why blame me?? I told you, it’s ‘cause of the fireworks!!

VIMH: Whatever… So now, what do you intend to have as your NYR?

ME: I intend to continue my last year’s NYR: To Quite Smoking

VIMH: Did you even start it right this time?

ME: Sad to say.. the history repeated itself :(

VIMH: Blimey! I told you never to repeat the same mistakes twice! There are so many mistakes to try on! Haiizz.. you will never learn.. so what do you plan of doing this 2011?

ME: hmm.. never to talk to you again?

VIMH: haizz.. this is for sure another failure.. i give up..

ME: Are you telling me you’re quitting without a fight this time?

VIMH: Hello NO! I’m just smarter than you to know i will win again this time. So why waste my time.

ME: Now, you are really starting to piss me off… THIS TIME I WILL KEEP MY 2011 NYR!

(VIMH signed off immediately)

ME: sighed.. now i’m starting it ;)

My New Year’s Resolution was going to be to quit all my bad habits, but then it occurred to me- no one likes a quitter
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